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          2012  Our 40th year

    A Party of Principle

Our mantra:

  "Live, and let live ..."

    Too much big government is not going to change if you keep voting for the same old party (lies) lines ...


 ("Throw the bums out!")


"On target, On time, On budget!"

THINK> What have the major party legislators done for (to) you?

                        G. T. "Bud" Martin, PhD

                                                 "Not just a snappy dresser ... "


                    "Ignorance is the greatest evil ... "     QUESTION EVERYTHING!


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    Author, editor and publisher, "Bud" Martin is a veteran, USN/ANG of Korean, 'Cold War' and Viet-Nam campaigns, a Life Member of D.A.V., the National Rifle Association (Distinguished Expert), the Air Force Association, and the Colorado and National Guard Associations.

A resident of Arvada since 1987, he is married to Cathy Myers, a 30-year SEARS HR retiree.  His progeny: a son who is an airline pilot, a  BSN/RN daughter (each with a son), and a great-granddaughter whose father is serving at JB Langley.

He currently serves as Communications Director for the Colorado Libertarian Party, and is agent for (the) New Liberty Foundation/Institute, a higher education entity in progress.  Still competent as a Commercial pilot, his passion is refurbishing a yacht to a jonque-rigged trimiran format. "The Great American Novel" is in production.


Obligations as a legislator include attention to the needs of Arvada elders; appropriate improvement in educational opportunities; inappropriate taxation; term limits for government officials; "states rights" in lieu of out-of-control federalism; and pursuing Libertarian ideals with the will to say "No!" to professional politicians serving their private agendas.


"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pusuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned--this is the sum of good government."  Thomas Jefferson

(Speaking of bread, the tax on food for the elderly is a damning rule imposed by your neighbors. Vote for recision.)

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